The SLAM Approach

Self Love Acceptance Motivation

 In our sessions, we explore the issues girls face in every day life. I am the adult they look to as their cheerleader, confidant and coach.


Together, we work on

Identity: finding who they are. 

Independence: balancing autonomy with family values.

Skills + Action Plans: handling the pressures of school, relationships and their future


Session Packages


Choose how we'll meet 

In person • Phone • Facetime • Skype 

If we're meeting in person, I want you to feel comfortable. I offer outdoor locations and walking sessions! 

Choose where we'll meet for our sessions near Santa Monica 

Beach • Park • Your Home • My Home • Other location

Weekday and Weekend Sessions Available

New client ~ $480 package ($80/session)

 Complimentary consultation (phone) with parent 60-80 minute initial intake session with parent(s)  4 one-on-one 50 minute sessions with teen 

50 minute parent recap session session work materials and final session notes recap included.

Ready to really SLAM your issues? Continue with a 3 session package ~ $255 

myDREAM myFUTURE Workshops

Girls get together to work independently and collectively on their future. They get inspired and take action to work on/ figure out / find their personal plan and the steps to take toward their best selves. 

4 weekly 2 hour sessions / 10 girls max / $200



New Workshops 

Confusion to Clarity:

college bound conversations

Join a 4-week workshop that address questions on the minds of college bound girls:  We’ll discuss thoughts on...


What are my personal values, strengths, beliefs and interests?

A Pressure Cooker :

Navigating my freedom, friendships and feelings

The Roller Coaster Ride:

Parties, social media, and dating...balancing my private and public life.

Decision Making and Goal Setting

How they create my future success.




14th and Arizona, Santa Monica


Dates to follow


Setting up for Success

discussions on navigating high school:

Join a group of rising freshmen journeying through their maze of adolescents.

We will discuss age appropriate ideas about 


Who they are, what are their strengths, ideas and beliefs


How to be a good friend, and what is a true friend?  Communicating what you need in a friend. How to be kind to each other.

Parents and family:

How can we  co create the smoother times of adolescents while developing tools to journey through tougher ones.

Self Esteem and Body image:

We explore the relationship between these ideas.  Am I good enough? 

Am I confident enough to like myself?

Am I changing who I am to fit social media?




14th and Arizona, Santa Monica


dates to follow

Healing Workshops

monthly dates coming soon

One day workshops to help girls take the next steps for healing their hearts after breakups, friendship failures, and other relationship issues.



my360 Package 

This program is about loving your body and having it be healthy. Having been a personal trainer and then a soccer coach for 14 years, I love fitness and love to show girls how strong they can be. 

I help them see that while society's perception of physical appearance can have a negative impact on a girls body image, it is important to love themselves enough to create a healthy lifestyle that is just right for them. It's not about monitoring what one eats, but learning what is best for their body.


Includes SLAM session package + Fitness and Nutrition support. 



A fitness program is customized for each girl; we make it fun with attainable goals that girls can reach on their own, or add a personal training program designed by Coach Cheryl and her fitness team.

Choose your my360 program

1 month • 3 months • 6 months